Online lessons are available.

What you need is a device that has both a camera and microphone,

such as: a Smart Phone, a PC with camera, or a Tablet.

Online lesson will take the following procedure

1.Download the application

2.Send a scanned/picture of sheet music with your memo for the upcoming      lesson to your Instructor. If you are sending a big file, let the Instructor know.

3.Please test the camera beforehand. Both Skype and Zoom have a test feature. Please try to make sure that both your face and hands fit together in the same frame.

4.log into the application or join the meeting

In the studio, Zoom is mainly used.


The web enviroment  changes day by day, if better way appears, it might be used in the future.

*It is recommended  to prepare your metronome individually rather than through a metronome app on a smartphone.

*If you have headphones with microphone, it will help to communicate with your instructor  clearly.

*Home internet connection such as Wi-fi is highly recommended because of the amount of the data. 


1.Download Zoom. 

・Windows(Zoom Cloud Meetings for Windows)

・Mac (Zoom Cloud Meetings for Windows)

・iPhone/iPad (Zoom Cloud Meetings for iOS)

・Android(Zoom Cloud Meetings for Andoroid)

2.Join the Test Meeting to test your internet connection.

3.When the Online piano lesson starts, open Zoom and select  "Join a meeting " . Type in your name or meeting ID which will be given to you by the instructor.

*For the students, registration is not required.

*please click "OK" for the Audio and microphone feture.

During the online lesson, there is a time lag. So, It is important to use a metronome. If you are not used to using a metronome, it is the best time to try it.

For the online lesson, it is very important which part you want to study with the instructor today. Before the lesson, make sure what you want to learn today.