I am doing Home lesson in English or Japanese at student's place. The lesson area is around  the following :

Roppongi, Hiroo,  Kamiyacho .(Please contact for other areas)

-The good point of In-Home Lesson-



In Japan, in most cases, people have to use the public transportation to go anywhere, but you don't worry about it anymore. If student is young age, parents don't have to send them to the piano school. if student have younger siblings, parents can stay home to take care of them.

・Use your own Piano 

You can use your own piano. So ,  once you adjusted the hight of your chair, you can stay use it . 

It should be a big motibation that your Instructor use your piano, you can imagine making the same sound from your 

You can save your time without going outside to visit your piano teacher's studio.

I offer the online lesson, with Zoom etc.

If you have either PC(with a camera and  a microphone) , Tablets, or Smartphone, you can take online lessons. 

-The good point of Online Lessons-


Take a lesson from any places in Japan.

This will be good if you are living farway.  




Take a lesson from any places in Japan.

This will be good if you are living farway.  

During lessons, we focus our attention on developing skills to play in front of the camera.

Please see the Online Lessons page for furthur information.





solfege for kids.jpg

Fabor’s Piano Adventure Series

Fabors Piano Adventure Series is one of the most renown piano pedagogy curriculums in the world.

Solfege for children

“Kodomono tame no solfege“

“Solfege for children" is one of the most famous solfe books in Japan. We use this book for training the note reading.