Q. Do I need to have a piano at home?

A. Yes. Either an accoustic piano or a digital piano should be fine.

    If you are considering buying a step-up instrument, a rental piano is an option.


Q. How long does it take until I can play a piece if I am a beginner?

A. It depends on each student's age, ability, and the music level of the piece.If you are an

     adult and pick things up quickly, you might be able to learn a piece in a few weeks.

     If you are very young, at least 3-4month should be expected.

Q. How long should I practice?

A. Until it gets better.

     If the assignment is easy, and you can play through it without any mistakes, it may take

     a few minutes.If you have a mistake at some point, it is better to practice until it

     improves.The length of the practing depends on the student.

Q. What age can a student start the piano?

A. 4 or 5 years old. 

     For piano study, a student needs to be able to read numbers, the alphabet and other


Q. Is my young child able to improve alone?

A. For young students, a parent's help is mandatory. Especially during the first 3 months

     of lessons until the child can learn to play with both hands, It is really difficult for

    young students to understand by themselves what a teachers is trying to communicate.

    It is also hard for young children to sit in a chair long enough for a full lesson.

    Please review what your child learned this week and check together and continue to the

    next lesson.

Q. I am 50 years old, I have never studied piano before. Is that ok?

A. Of course! You are welcome to study. There isn't an age limit for studying how to play

     the piano.

Q. Do you teach Jazz?

A. No. I offer the classical piano lessons, On the basis of reading musical notes.

Q. Do you teach music theory?

A. Leaning music theory could be an benefit but not seriously focus on  private lessons.

Q. Can I get summer off? *July and August

A. Yes, please notify when it is decided.