Hanae is very kind. I was not able to find the right key, but she was very patient and waited until I found it! (Mary, F, 6yrs old )

I was so surprised when she knew the musical notes of "Sa Ri Ga Ma Pa Dha Ni sa" . Those are used in India, my country. Now, I am learning piano in English from her, but I respect her very much. I can tell my friends when I go back there. (Sangheetha, F, 13 yrs old)

My son started practicing when he started taking piano lessons with Hanae. He said "She doesn't yell" (a parent of 9yrs old, M. student)

She is so fun!She sometimes sings with me. When I am stuck reading notes, her beautiful singing voice helps me. (Alex, M, 5yrs old )

I am learning for my daughter’s piano study.My daughter is studying piano with another teacher. I decided to take lessons from Hanae in English. She encourages and patiently helps me.(40yrs. Old, Female student)

My daughter really likes when Hanae plays the accompanist part together with her. She is always trying to find music with accompaniment and look ahead  to turn the page.

(a parent of 10yrs. Old, Female student)

My son was going to have an audition for his orchestra class in junior high. Since he has studied both piano and viola, we were considering having him take lessons on both instruments. Hanae understood the situation and recommended that he took a break from piano lessons for a while and told him how important orchestra audition are! Now he has come back to piano again.(a parent of 14 yrs. old, student)